About Beat Poetry

About Beat Poetry

Beat poetry first emerged as a popular style of poetry writing in the mid 1950s and early 1960s, primarily in areas of New York and California. The main characteristic that is said to describe beat poetry is that it heavily promotes individualism.

Popular Beat Poets

Popular Beat Poets

Over the years, there have been many popular writers known for their beat poetry, with Jack Kerouac being perhaps one of the most influential of his time. Another popular beat poet worth learning about for beginning writers is Allen Ginsberg.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Writing beat poetry is much different than writing more traditional forms of poetry. A lot of this has to do with the fact that beat poetry is meant to be spoken out loud in most cases, rather than read to oneself.

Exploring Beat Poetry

Exploring Beat Poetry

Though the concept of beat poetry dates back to he 1950s, it’s still a popular type of poetry today and is often performed in cafes, bars, and other venues by aspiring writers. Much of its intrigue comes from the fact that it’s meant to be spoken in the moment.

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